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The Latin word for citizenship, civitas, refers to the social body of citizens, united by law. Civitas is the contract that binds us as citizens, giving us a shared responsibility and sense of community (Wikipedia).

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07 Feb

Dutch Pancake Night – 10th January 2019

Dutch Pancake Night: feel free to bring toppings or snacks (no drinks from outside allowed!) + who can help with groceries on Thursday at 6pm? We kickstarted the new year with a new event – Dutch Pancake Night!  In the late …

07 Feb

Holiday Fundraising Fair – 9th December 2018

This fair was organised & hosted by Civitas in TPPM premises. This happens to be one of the biggest events hosted by Civitas as we’ve had a large number of collaborators such as Lovic, Touch Community Society, Pusat Jagaan Kai …